Perfect Conditioning of Oil and Air Filter for Truck by Interstate Filter Service Inc.

Trucks are very heavily operated machinery onto itself and then they carry tons of load. The entire responsibility and capability of running a truck, lies upon the engine therefore it needs to be in the perfect condition. Oil filter is one of the most essential components of running an engine smoothly and Interstate Filter Service Inc. provide the services in the most peculiar way. The cost of a bad filter can be very high and the engine would not function without it hence it is of utmost necessity that the filter is taken care of.


Our expert professionals take great care of the Oil Filter Truck and maintain it to the best of filter’s capability. Taking effective care of the filter is a timely done job and it always needs to be check at a schedule. We have the right kind of equipment that are needed to test the condition of filter and if some fault is found in it than get it repaired immediately. A bad oil filter would not let the fuel get consumed by the vehicle properly therefore not only speed but mileage will also be affected.

We also deal in Air Filter Truck as the cleanliness of that is very important for engine to function properly without getting blocked. If the air filter is stuck than the engine would create a vacuum and would seemingly become hollow but none of that will happen if you are getting your filters checked with Interstate Filter Service Inc. So don’t wait on up on anything and let us make sure of the well-being of your vehicle’s filter.

Filters Cleaning Services – A Great Way to Increase the Mileage of the Vehicle

Filters are one of the most important components in an engine. Generally, people overlook the cleaning of air filters which results in degrading mileage of the vehicle. Lots of dust and dirt starts clogging up in the air filter that makes the air flow slow your vehicle down. Thus, it becomes imperative to clean the air filters timely but there is a specific procedure to clean the air filter. There are many companies exist in the market which provides air filter cleaning services but when it comes to the top company that provides Air Filter Cleaning Services, it is Interstate Filter Service Inc. based in California, operating since 1971. The company is not only known for providing the filter-cleaning services but also for manufacturing the high-quality Industrial Cartridge Filters over the years.

air filters California

It has been noticed that the vehicle’s owner unnecessarily replace the air filters which results in wastage of huge money. Instead of it, if you keep your air filters clean, then you can save your hard-earned money and also can get rid of inconvenience that you face while replacing the air filter.  The proper and timely cleaning of air filter triples the life of air filter along with increasing the mileage of the vehicle.

By proper cleaning, you can also contribute to the environment because the vehicle causes less population. When it comes to the procedure of cleaning, then it is important to know that it is a six-step cleaning procedure that includes pre-clean, pre-rinse, soak, backflush, dry, inspect, and package. The entire process is executed by the team of experts who is providing the filter cleaning services over the years. And somewhere this is a key reason why we are most preferred this Industrial Cartridge Filter Company in California.

Get Specialized Air & Oil Filter for Truck, by Interstate Filter Service Inc.

A vehicles performance depends on its engine and its subsidiary parts. And for heavy loaded truck the engine needs to be in the best of the quality and condition. One such company that provides the company with type of service and maintenance of engine is the Interstate Filter Service Inc. We provide the best filter service and maintenance of truck engine in the Southern California.


The air filter in truck is an essential need; a good air filter increases the performance of the truck. These filters are designed and developed using high-grade basic material that is sourced from some of the most reckoned vendors of this domain. Our filters are superior because the pleated filter paper is precisely manufactured to fit in perfect uniformity with steel housing.

Besides air filter, our oil filters in truck are also up to world class and work the best with heavy load truck engines. Both air and oil filters are designed with a complete refurnishing all the parts are re-painted so as to provide the strength and protection. Our filters need not to be replaced again and again because we have used best material in our products thus providing durability. Thus Interstate Filter Service Inc. has a longer service life and requires minimum maintenance as well.

Apart from filter manufacturing and supplying we also provide the service of filter cleaning, cleaning filter generally increases the life of filter and reduces the expenses of the customer.

If you need a best filter services for your truck should contact us and you’ll never have to order a new filter again.

Enhance Performance of Your Industrial Vehicle With Air Filter Cleaning Service in California

Proper cleaning and maintenance of air, heavy-duty air filters may significantly increase their performance and efficiency. It also helps business owners and operators reduce operating costs by increasing the service life of the filters. With right air filter cleaning, the efficiency of a heavy-duty vehicle truck can get an impressive boost.

Businesses owners in California have long known Interstate Filter Service Inc. for its effective filter, air filter services in California. Highly experienced technicians and professionals at Interstate Filter Service are well aware that a proper cleaning or replacement of air filters is very essential for maintaining consistent performance of a vehicle.

With almost four decades’ experience in filter cleaning and manufacturing, the company has developed a six-step cleaning process to serve its clients more methodically. The process is designed in such a way that customers get cleaner filters and longer engine life.

Filter - 2

The first step in the cleaning process pre-cleaning, in which low pressure and vacuum are used to gently remove the dirt. The step ensures that surfaces remain uncontaminated and no damage is done to the filter media. The step is followed by a pre-rinse which comprises flushing of the filters from both sides. Then, the filters are soaked in a specially designed air filter detergent that doesn’t damage the paper fiber or resins in the filter media. After completion of these steps, filters are dried for several hours in a low heat environment.

The six-step process also includes an inspection step for checking structural damage, pinholes, or leaks in paper and the gasket sealing. Finally, the filters are packaged in specially sealed boxes to avoid any kind of contamination, dirt, or damage during handling.

High performance air filters manufactured by Interstate Filter

Interstate Filter Service Inc. is a leading company in the domain of manufacturing air filters and filter cleaning services. The company has been in business since 1971 and their main head quarter is situated at Arrow Highway, Baldwin Park, California. Other than that, their premium cleaning services for industrial control equipments are also available at Chicago Avenue Riverside,CA.

The company produced air filters are made from highest grade materials and are sourced from reliable vendors. Interstate have a state-of-the-art filter manufacturing facility, which employ high grade development process and scientific techniques to deliver quality products. Furthermore, they are backed up by a team of highly trained and experience professionals, which ensure the final product exceed the functionality expectations .


Interstate air filter for trucks composed of high grade fibrous materials that removes the solid particulate matter such as dust, pollen, mold and bacteria from the intake air. The company produced air filters are designed using high quality pleated paper that are chemically treated making it highly absorbent and having longer running life. Cleaner air means better air flow, which means high oxygen intake, that inversely gives better performance.

Interstate manufactures air filters for trucks, heavy lifters and industrial equipments. The oil & air filters offered are custom designed with a complete refurnishing the parts and are re-painted so as to provide the strength and protection to housing systems. In addition to this, it also done ensure that their product have minimum maintenance requirements and longer service life.

All this methods are employed to cater to the varied requirements and to provide utmost client’s satisfaction.

Next Level Air Filter Cleaning in California – By Interstate Filter Service Inc.

Seeking the quality filter cleaning service? Hire the industry-proven air filter cleaning services in California and enjoy the best privileges of top-grade filter cleaning solutions. Serving the industrial demands with great efficiency, Interstate Filter Service, Inc. is going to be your reliable partner in providing you with the best cleaning for improved service life. With great adherence to quality maintenance, the company is providing the six-step rigorous cleaning service and allowing clients to seek the great benefits. Instead of doing filter replacement, air filter cleaning from the experts’ hands is a good idea as it saves a good amount of money and even your old filter starts working as the new one. Adopting the well-proven and scientifically designed process, the company is providing the excellent way to improve the life of filters and functioning of heavy-duty engines as well.

Next Level Air Filter Cleaning in California

Successfully serving the diversified needs of clients, Interstate Filter Service, Inc. has gained the incredible reputation and clients are thus able to seek the advantage of air filter cleaning service in California. The effective service being offered by the company has proved its potential and has become the dedicated solution for air filer’s effective performance. There are qualified experts who check air filters on each quality parameter before delivering to you. Get the utilitarian advantages with the company and enjoy the great advantages in a well-proven way. It has become the money saving idea and there are dedicated professionals to deliver you customized cleaning advantages with great ease.

Finest Range of Air Filters for Truck Available at Interstate Filter Service Inc.

Heavy-duty trucks carry tons of loads and it is essential to maintain the well being of engines in order to ensure the ongoing performance on road. Filters play the essential role in the effective commencement of the engines. Air filters in truck protect the dust particles and other waste materials in air from entering the engine parts and thus the safe operation of the engines is maintained effectively. Interstate Filter Service Inc. as a reputed name for manufacturing, supplying and cleaning air filters of the truck is successfully delivering the services and assuring that the clients are able to get the best experience while ensuring the effective operation of the vehicles in the most advanced ways.

Air Filter Truck


Continuous innovation and technology up-gradation in line with the industry advancements ensure that the clients are able to make the best purchase of high-grade filters. The industry excellence in the filtration technology is bringing the most effective solutions for the demands of filters for trucks. Along with well-proven manufacturing process, the company is also providing scientifically designed six-step cleaning process that makes sure that the clients do not have to replace their old filters. In lieu of that, they can opt for the most advanced cleaning services and get the improved service life of the filter.

Possessing the industry proven expertise, the professionals are rendering the services with its great potentials. Certified professionals of the company provide the well-proven services and assist clients in gaining the best of the filtration technology with the help of effective air filters.

Supplier, Manufacturer & Processor Of DPF/Air Filter in California – Interstate Filter Inc.

Interstate provides mainly two types filter cleaning services: First of all, state-of-the-art air filters cleaning process that involve 6 steps and second DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter) cleaning diesel engines. Interstate Filter Service Inc. is a California-based filter cleaning service provider. The company has been rendering the filter cleaning services since 1971. Interstate also manufactures air filters for automotive and heavy industrial vehicles. The company has recently extended their domain to industrial cartridge filter cleaning, as well. They are the only filter cleaning company that offers guaranteed Air/DPF filter restoration & reconditioning services. The company also administers large vehicle, heavy equipment, & industrial air filters cleaning services.

Air Filter

Other than this, the company also manufactures and is a leading supplier of air filters in California. Interstate Filter Service Inc. has more than four decades of experience in filter cleaning services and the translate their expertise to the production & designing process. With Interstate air filter cleaning services, you no longer have to buy the new filter, but in one-third of the total cost of purchasing a new one, you can get reconditioned air filters that have OEM level efficiency.

Contact Interstate Filter Service Inc. today and together with their expert ascertain whether your industrial cartridge filter requires replacement or cleaning. If your old cartridge air filter is all jammed-up, Interstate Filter’s staff will help you choose the right path based on your specifications.

Interstate Filter Inc. Furnishes Top-Of-The-Line Air Filter Cleaning Services

When engine breath freely, it generates power more efficiently. People who drive heavy vehicles or massive industrial equipment understands how vital is clean air filtering system is to produce maximum horsepower.

When the car breath ideally, it mixes the fuel with the correct amount of air thus producing high HP. A clean air filter not only increases the air intake which consequently means more capability, but it also enhances the overall fuel performance, at the same time.

Furthermore, it also decreases the recovery time and improves the lifespan of engine & automobile. A clean air filter provides maximum cover, working as a screen and leads to providing both immediate and long-term advantages.

Interstate Filter Service Inc. is a well established California-based air filter cleaning services that have been in the service, since 1971. The company draws on its years of experience and renders one of the most comprehensive filters reconditioning services.

Interstate Filter Service Inc. produces exceptional quality air filters for heavy vehicles and industrial equipment. Especially, developed Interstate air filters allow much higher amounts of clean air to make it’s way into the engine, producing more oxygen rich fuel blends, that consequently generate more power from every drop of gasoline.


airfilterInterstate’s Air Filters Salient Characteristics:

  • Multi-Layer Construct For Maximum Purification
  • Surpasses It’s Competitors In Clean Air Screening
  • Regain Its Effectiveness And Perfectly Works For Much more than 3 Wash Process
  • Most Long-lasting Filters In The USA Market
  • Multiple-use & Cleanable
  • No Hassle Guarantee