Interstate Filter Cleaning Services Inc.- Amongst the most reliable DPF cleaning companies in the West Coast

The diesel particulate filter (DPF) in your machinery needs to regenerate after a certain amount of time and functioning. There will be activities such as idle speed increasing, cooling fans running, increased fuel consumption, acrid smell from the exhaust and a few more. So when you notice these very obvious signs than it is time to clean up the DPF. Now, you could easily be advised to straight up change of the filter but Interstate Filter Cleaning Services Inc. is here to save the day.

Being amongst one of the leading DPF cleaning companies for four decades now, we have derived a fascinating method to clean the DPF which takes somewhere between 45-2 hours. We use air pulses to remove ash that has gathered over the filter and contaminate other impurities. Well, this procedure does not stop here as we put the DPF in machine for 8 hours and inspect it a tad bit more when it comes out clean. We have managed to bring back completely whacked DPFs to life because we are the only company in all of West Coast to have this technology.

Our highly sophisticated and skilled engineers developed the technology over a very long period of time and tested it through many filters in order to finally come to the genius conclusion.

So if you face the above mentioned issues, search DPF cleaning services near me on your phone and find our address to just show up or contact and we will take care of the rest.

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